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• Circulator protection if the boiler is idle for 24 hours • Condensate trap with safety lock out • 2 years complete • 10 years on the primary heat exchanger The Riva Advance is a state of the art design, high efficiency, condensing 125 MBH wall mounted boiler from Biasi. Utilizing the newest, electronic reset controls to operate the

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Biasi units are reasonably efficient and reliable, when compared to Baxi equivalents. Baxi's are slightly easier to repair IMO cheaper on parts as well. Biasi's can leak, certain O' rings/washers seem to perish quicker then on other makes, don't know why that should be, I've noted Biasi boilers/combi don't do to well in very hard water areas.

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Condensing Gas Boilers Smarter is Better Whether it's consistent heat throughout a home, pleasant humidity levels, or continuous hot water, Rinnai's line of Condensing Boilers keeps comfort with exceptional performance and efficiency.


View and Download Biasi Riva Plus Combi installation & operation instructions online. WALL HUNG GAS BOILER FOR CENTRAL HEATING SUPPLY. Riva Plus Combi Boiler pdf manual download.

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All condensing boilers, whether Combi, System or Regular, have a condensate pipe which transports acidic water, caused by waste gas, away from the boiler. In most cases, this pipe will run outside into a drain and because of its location it faces the risk of freezing during the winter months.

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Biasi Boilers are Highly Efficient Combination and System Boilers and are available in a range of KW's, which makes them suitable for most domestic installations. Our Boilers are reliable, compact, affordable and easy to use. Warranties range from 5 years on our Advance and Inovia Boiler range to 7 Years on our Advance Plus 7 range.

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Biasi Advance Plus 25kW Combi Boiler ERP + Flue . The Advance Plus range is our latest intelligent gas boiler, all models are equipped with cutting ed..

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The Biasi Riva Advance RI-M210.32CM-N is a Combination Boiler that provides heat and domestic Hot Water. This 125,000 Btu Natural boiler with advance state of the art design, high efficiency, condensing 125 MBH wall mounted boiler.

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Poor Boiler Design. Wall Hung and Combi condensing boilers have poorly designed critical water and air passages which easily become fouled over time reducing efficiency, requiring more maintenance, and shortening the boiler’s life.

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Buy Biasi Boiler Water Heaters & Boilers and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! BIASI Advance 30KW Combi Boiler ERP + FLUE + 5 year warranty. £552.00.

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Welcome to The Wholesale Warehouse E-Commerce store. We are a National Factory Parts and New Equipment Wholesaler who have been in business since 1964.

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Biasi Combi Boiler Prices A combination or ‘combi’ boiler heats water directly from the mains when you turn on a tap. This means that unlike a heat-only or regular boiler, you won’t need a separate hot water storage cylinder or a cold water storage tank.

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Biasi Advance 30C Gas Combi Boiler (251FH) Due to the weight of this item, it may require assistance on delivery. We cannot accept the return of unwanted boilers if the box/packaging has been opened (your statutory rights are not affected).

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Biasi boiler parts has long been established as a independent supplier of genuine Biasi boiler spares & heating components. As such, we have built up a well-respected name, within the boiler repair and maintenance sectors, Biasi Boiler the uk`s leading supplier of Biasi boiler spare parts for Biasi Boilers, where the Trade buys, fast

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Oct 25, 2019 · Biasi manufactures residential gas combinatation and system wall-hung boilers. Biasi boilers are manufactured by the Biasi Group, an Italian conglomerate. Biasi UK Ltd promotes and supplies the group’s products throughout the UK. Biasi UK Ltd is a private company with share capital.

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The Riva Advance is a state of the art design, high efficiency, condensing 125 MBH wall mounted boiler from Biasi. Utilizing the newest, electronic reset controls to operate the integrated valve, pump & exhaust system as well as the modulating, pre-mix burner which fires into an ASME Stainless Steel boiler, the Riva Advance achieves a splendid combination of maximum fuel efficiency

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When looking to install a new boiler, it can be tough to get past the jargon and find the type of boiler best suited to your home. If you’re living in a smaller home then a Combi boiler will be perfectly suited to your heating and hot water demands but recent regulations state that it has to be condensing too.

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Biasi Advance Plus 7 25C Gas Combi Boiler (565FH) Due to the weight of this item, it may require assistance on delivery. We cannot accept the return of unwanted boilers if the box/packaging has been opened (your statutory rights are not affected).

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Condensing boilers are water heaters fueled by gas or oil. They achieve high efficiency (typically greater than 90% on the higher heating value) by condensing water Biasi Condensing Boilers – Ward Heating The RIVA Plus Boiler offers a unique condensing technology that increases the efficiency of the RIVA Compact and Combi Boilers.

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Combination boilers are the most common solution in the UK, and therefore the most likely to be a good solution for you. Best Combination Boilers . Combination boilers or combi boilers now account for more than half of all new boiler installations in the UK.

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Ideal did have very bad reputation (deserved, after the icos/isar models), but I find the new logics very good. The independents come with 2yr warranty, whilst the Logic+ now have a 7 yr warranty.

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The Westinghouse condensing combination gas boiler & water heater saves money on operating expenses and installation costs. With a best in class 95% AFUE rating, this ultra high efficiency boiler takes care of both domestic hot water & space heating needs.

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Biasi Advance 25C Gas Combi Boiler (792FH) Due to the weight of this item, it may require assistance on delivery. We cannot accept the return of unwanted boilers if the box/packaging has been opened (your statutory rights are not affected).

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Worcester and vailant boilers are real quality boilers but are the two of the more expensive boilers but have German engineering behind them. I have fitted lots of baxi duotecs also the potter ton promax (same boiler) and I've had no problem. I have also been fitting ideal logic combI and logic + for a while now.

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QHT, Inc. supplies the most adaptable, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly boilers and radiant heating systems. Where to Buy? BIASI of Italy is a global leader in the manufacture of high quality, efficient and economical Boilers and steel panel radiators.

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Biasi combi boiler features include anti-freeze and anti-seizure technology to ensure you boiler functions in winter or after a period of inactivity.   Their combi boilers also come with self-rectifying technology, a feature which will keep your boiler functioning regardless that a fault has occurred.

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Biasi - Boiler Efficiency Rating. Biasi is named after its Italian founder, Leopold Biasi who started the company in 1938 and then began manufacturing residential boilers in the 1940s. After all these years, they’re still very much an Italian company but opened Biasi UK in 1996 and now sell boilers to over 40 countries around the world.

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The Advance Plus 7 is a highly reliable, compact, wall-mountable, condensing Combi boiler that has been manufactured by Biasi. Designed with reliability in mind, the Advance Plus 7 comes with 92% efficiency, awarding it an ErP A rating, which will help to reduce your energy bills.


Boiler Manuals Listed below are all the manuals for Biasi. Just click on the model or the Gas council number and the manual will download at the bottom of the page.

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For homeowners, Biasi RIVA Condensing Gas Boilers are not only quiet, dependable and efficient, they are more attractive and require less space than conventional hot water boilers since they are wall mounted. And there is comfort in knowing that the sealed combustion heat exchanger provides the ultimate in safety while providing efficient central heating boiler and economical hot water supply with the Riba Plus Combi Boiler.


The BIASI RIVA Plus A Condensing Wall-Mounted Boiler with Recuperator The RIVA Plus Boiler offers a unique condensing technology that increases the effi ciency of the RIVA Compact and Combi Boilers to 90% AFUE. With the inclusion of a recuperator, the RIVA Plus can extract the remaining

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Biasi Riva Plus Combi ERP boilers prices are on average £496.00 (including VAT & without installation). The Biasi Riva Plus Combi ERP is the most affordable boiler within the Biasi combi boiler range and comes in either a 24KW or 28KW option.

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This is where modern, condensing regular boilers like the Biasi Advance OV are a great solution. The Advance OV boiler has been designed with efficiency, reliability and ease of installation as priorities and is a great choice for homeowners looking to update their central heating system and lower their energy bills.

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Basic Fault Finding Procedure When troubleshooting your Biasi Combi or System boiler please follow the following safety checks need to be done: - Gas Supply: verify basic boiler gas supply, check if it is clean and gas has a free passage. Boiler inlet gas pressure level at the gas valve should be set for 20 mbar.

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The Biasi Advance Plus Combi comes with a 7 year warranty covering parts and labour. All boilers must be installed and commissioned by a registered Gas Safe Engineer, be registered within 30 days of installation and the boiler must be serviced once a year by a Gas Safe Engineer.

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Jan 11, 2010 · (non condensing boilers slope downwards) This means that for a condensing boiler, any condensation in the flue runs back into the boiler, where it exits via the condensate drain. I imagine Biasi offer a condensate trap for vertical flues for use with non condensing boilers as they don't have an internal drain.

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Ideal boiler range includes Combi and System boilers with a wide price ranging between £478 and £2200. Biasi Combi Boilers Price Range – Highly Efficient Domestic Boilers. Biasi combi boilers are compact and affordable and as with all Biaisi products, the combi boiler range come stacked with advanced technology features.

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Most professionals prefer the Biasi as an economy boiler at the same price as its design is prefered and its considered to be more reliable. As Alf has said the reliability is more determined by installing properly on a totally clean system than the brand name.

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Feb 27, 2013 · My boiler constantly locks out and won't work after pressing the reset switch. This happens intermittently but is becoming more frequent.